Founder Message

A Very Warm Welcome from Mr. Shah to All Human Rights Activist of Universe, IHRC is meant to support people, help people, but not to destroy people, basically many of people acquired support of Human Rights for their Greediness, but that is not all of Human Rights, you should first understand the moral of Human Rights, it has a far destiny than caste, creed, religion, system, tradition, culture, and then last but not least Community, People manipulate themselves with their own views and then pretend to desire that pede should react with their thoughts, but they can't understand Human Rights is simple, they only are in needs of their benefits to fulfill from Human Rights, but no one is interested deeply to know the method and theory of rights, when you are a Human Right Activist, you itself are the Justice to define the requirement of rights, Before justifying your activism think once, that you are not violating any Human Rights for the sake of Community, so now you are committing a heinous crime if you do so, that means you are violating law of Human Rights, Instead of protecting it. So please ensure and consider that you are not hurting anyone in this world, because that is the fact, that you are violating Human Rights

And now again back to work, inventing a organization was the reason to make each and every human a powerful emblem in front of world, now we classify how it was possible, yes it is possible by guiding people the awareness of their rights, teaching them fundamental laws of country and to abide them, and we should never think, that the country never runs without me, because you are here to help others, and focus yourselves too, so reason behind guiding you was to educate you about the rights, and we ensure give and take policy to return us our teachings by educating or gifting your teachings and our preaching to others who are in need of good deed. A person has two hands, one for helping himself, the other for helping others, Service to others is a Tax you pay to Live on Earth, The Measure of a Life is not its Duration but its Donation, Giving is art of Living.